TSLA, HD, PG and more. Report 11.11.20

Last week will hopefully be my worst. Lost over 60% of my portfolio because of tesla credit spreads going bad. But this week is redemption time. I will be shorting the hell out of tesla all the way till April.

The Big Short: Tesla

We will reach the top probably before Feb 02 release.
MACD in the 1 hour is signaling bearish .

RSI reaching all time high. MACD lines have still not crossed over in the 4 hr chart but the 1 hour chart is signaling a pull back. If we have still not reached the top TSLA will make its final push for $1000

Projecting a pull back to $650 before March 2021. Only a 35% pull back compared to the 60% one back in Feb-March 2020. Still to early to say what will happen after March. Elon still has much ammo left for example entering the consumer aerospace industry with Tesla .

Key levels: 838, 775, 650. Top 950- 1050.

Target: $200 before earnings?

Possible path before earnings . RSI time frames from oversold and overbought 3–4 weeks. Volume still low. Will test $182 in 3 to 4 weeks. 30 min chart still shows room to go up before pull back

Home Depot looking to make a pre earnings rally

Good support line. Consolidation almost complete and ready for earnings rally.