In this post, I am going to share with you the importance of technical indicators and what are the best ones you could be using to trade or invest. Hi everyone my name is Justin Lev and I create content on anything you can be doing with your phone, computer…

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is part of a new class of vaccines that work by triggering an immune response. Your immune system kicks into gear because it thinks you’re being invaded. It produces antibodies to fight off the intruder and infection. …

In high school and college, I was taught the basic framework for papers.

Title. Introduction. Body. Conclusion.

The introduction will contain a one sentence scope to help the reader understand what they are about to dive into. This is also called a hypothesis. But sometimes academia tends to overcomplicate writing…


This video is introducing my new $100k trading challenge!! I will be going over the rules and what to expect!

Condition #1

Alright so initial investment for this challenge is $100. This is a crazy goal but after witnessing the greatest recovery after the march 2020 crash, anything is possible…

In this post you will be introduced to the world of options investing. Not the kind of options you have when you go to your local restaurant. These are financial products designed to be extremely useful especially when you have shares with an existing company.

These are some of the…

Todays online content world is packet with information. But the most engaging are the ones that are both educational and entertaining. In this post I am going to cover the framework that can be used for any format for online content.

Imagine sitting through a math class filled with nothing…

This series will cover 100 books that I’ve read or will read in 2021. A YouTube video will be posted along with a medium post. This is a good way for me to start creating content while also educating myself through 100 books. …

  1. Never push a trade. Only when you are confident about a play is when you invest.
  2. Use technical indicators as a guide. Oversold and overbought. You will also have opportunities to ride waves that already started.
  3. Respect your stop losses
  4. Don’t do weekly options.
  5. Have a 10% margin from the current price and strike price for spreads
  6. Only sell puts in companies you believe in.
  7. Hope is not a strategy
  8. Define trend support and resistant lines
  9. Keep an eye on the most active stock
  10. Always secure profits. Move your stop loss the stock price moves closer to your target. Stop loss trail.

So when your starting a consulting firm for lets say local businesses. How do you approach them? What do you initially say? What do you offer? Worst case scenario? How to follow up?

Come prepared

Show up with a prototype. Say you did a audit before even consulting them. Landing…

Last week will hopefully be my worst. Lost over 60% of my portfolio because of tesla credit spreads going bad. But this week is redemption time. I will be shorting the hell out of tesla all the way till April.

The Big Short: Tesla

We will reach the top probably…

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